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  • 03
    Dec 2014
    Purdys Chocolates are here!

    The Purdy’s have arrived! Volunteers busily sorted them into each order tonight… Yum yum! If you missed out this time, look for the next campaign at Easter!

  • 06
    Oct 2014
    Mabel’s Labels

    Get your kids’ winter gear organized with Mabel’s Labels. CCDCS will receive 20% from all sales over the next 60 days from any purchases made through the Daycare’s fundraising link. All money raised will go back into the classroom to support our winter programs. Please share our campaign link with your family and friends. https://www.mabelsfundraising.com/c/16374

  • 06
    Sep 2014
    Family Festival Events!

    A schedule of events for Sat Sept 20 has been posted! Check out the fun and bring along bikes to participate in the kids’ Wheel-A-Thon! Details at: http://www.canmoredaycare.com/familyfest/


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Canmore Community Daycare and Before and After School Program


Original Round House

The Original C.P.R. Round House.ca 1886


As an organization our core values centre around: Partnerships in Learning, Community Collaboration, Volunteerism, Accessibility and Building Strong Relationships.

We view learning as a partnership between family, community and educators. Parents are the experts with their own unique, individual child. CCDCS is a hub in our community where learning and developing relationships are the daily focus. 

Through community collaboration we were able to accomplish our goal to build and equip a new child care facility in 2012. In 2011 we also expanded our services at ERS to meet the needs of the community. Strong bonds with local partnerships make us a unique program with established roots in our community. 

As a charitable, not-for-profit child care program we rely on essential community supports. We value the partnerships that we have established and gratefully acknowledge the countless individuals and businesses that contribute to our on-going dedication to provide quality child care.  

We attain sustainability of the organization by relying on volunteerism, fundraising, granting, community support, ministry funding and parent fees. Our goal is to leave a legacy of a thriving program that continues to promote the well-being of children and their families for generations to come.

 Our key pillars of accessibility are: the ability to meet the needs of the individual child with equal inclusion for all at accessible rates.

  Through focusing on building strong relationships we create opportunities to build meaningful connections with peers, family, community and our environment.

CCDCS is a place to form lasting relationships.



To provide a safe and caring environment for our greatest future resource…our children!


Canmore Community Day Care is an, inclusive support service for Canmore which aims to supplement and support the family and home environment in the development of each child by providing a safe, secure, stimulating and nurturing environment. The day care centre provides a quality, play-based program which is fun and ensures a creative child-centered philosophy.


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