Junior Kindergarten

What is special about our Junior Kindergarten program?

We offer a well rounded program with a emphasis on hands on learning and outdoor exploration. In addition to working towards school readiness the children enjoy many opportunities to explore nature and develop gross motor skills through physical literacy and free play. We have two teachers with a max class size of 16-18.

What is the cost of the program?

The program cost $200 per month. After school care in our Marmot program is an additional $220 per month for two afternoons 3-6pm, subject to availability. Marmot camps also run during school holidays.

Volunteer opportunities

Families are required to complete 4 volunteer hours per year. We have many ways for you to complete your volunteer hours such as toy washing, laundry, maintenance etc. A popular option is volunteering at our annual Fall Fair. As we have two teachers you are not required to volunteer in the classroom although you are always welcome to visit and share a passion, professional knowledge or cultural experience with our JK students. We ask for parent helpers to assist on field trips however this does not count towards volunteer hours. For more info see our parent handbook


JK 2017-18 Schedule

ERS Kindergarten 2017-18 Calendar (not yet available)

This year we will be offering a full day program from 8.30-3pm two days a week; Mon and Weds OR Tues and Thurs. There is the option for additional afterschool care from 3-6 pm in our Marmot program, subject to space. We follow the ERS Kindergarten calendar and observe all school closures/holidays.

What age does my child need to be?

Children must be 4 years old by December 31st to be eligible for the program.

My child is already in the Grizzly room at the daycare. Should they attend JK too?

All programs run by Canmore Community Daycare are accredited which means we meet and exceed government standards of excellence ‘that reflect current research and leading practices to provide high quality child care over and above licensing regulations’. We believe we offer a high level of program in all our classrooms, including our Grizzly room. However some children benefit from a change of environment, especially if they have been attending Daycare for a number of years. JK runs out of Elizabeth Rummel School so it is a great transition year giving children the opportunity to become familiar with a school environment. Some children love being at school with the big kids!

Who teaches the program?

Alice Conniff has been working for Canmore Daycare Society for 8 years. She is a qualified teacher with much experience teaching early childhood education. She is also the mother of two boys aged four and six. Judy Barker is also a qualified teacher and currently assists with program. Click here to meet us


How do I register for the program?

Enrollment is on a first come first serve basis, your child must be four years of age by December 31st 2017. Please complete a Pre-Registration Form – JK 2017 new and $50 non refundable registration fee and return to the Roundhouse 606b-7th Avenue.


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