Program Fees FAQ

Update (July 19, 2019). CCDS received a letter from Minister Rebecca Schulz, VIEW HERE

Quality, affordable child care: Proud to be an Early Learning and Child Care Centre

“The foundation for a strong and healthy community starts with a strong and healthy childhood that supports children for future success as independent, stable and productive adults. The 100 new Early Learning and Child Care Centres across the province will receive funding to better support Alberta’s families with $25-a-day quality child care.”

ELCC project began on May 1st, 2018 to include;

  • Capped parent fees at $25/day care,
  • Implement an evidence-based early learning and child care curriculum framework*
  • Inclusive supports for children with diverse needs,
  • Affordable, accessible rural child care.

What does this mean for you?

“As a parent with a child already enrolled in our child care program, nothing will change except that you will benefit from all the great changes listed above, including paying no more than $25 a day per child. There is no change to the child care subsidy program. Eligible parents will receive either full or partial subsidy dependent on their circumstances, including those in an Early Learning and Child Care centre. No parent, including those eligible for child care subsidy, will pay more than $25 per day.”

The true cost of our childcare programs (Roundhouse, Junior Kindergarten and Before & After School) are offset through government funding, grants and your fundraising efforts.

As government policies are currently under review, families should be prepared to cover the true costs that would be in line with industry standards as early as March 31, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the ELCC Grant continue past March 31, 2020?

A: On  July 19, 2019, CCDS issued a memo stating that we did not know when our period of the ELCC pilot project would end. Last week we received a letter from the Minister, Rebecca Schulz, VIEW HERE. We’re thrilled to confirm that our funding is in place until March 31, 2021. We remain vigilant in our strategic planning to bring about an action plan for our fee structure after March of 2021.

Q: Will this impact the Out of school programs?

A:  Yes, because we are a Society fees support all of our programs so an increase should be anticipated.

Q: How much will our fees increase?

A: Although we are still working through a financial analysis we anticipate that fees could triple at the Roundhouse(from the current ELCC rate) and increase by approximately 20-25% at our school age programs.

Q: What can be done to reduce the amount of the increase?

A: The Board of Directors and Administration are currently strategically planning but anticipate that we will see increased fundraising initiatives, granting, sponsorship and budget cut backs. 

Q: Will the employees’ wages be rolled back?

A: This is not a route we want to travel, and will be as a last resort, as we will review all budget areas.

Q. Will the continuity and quality of care and programming be impacted?

A. No, we are confident that we will continue to offer high quality programs for our youngest citizens.

*Play, Participation, and Possibilities: An Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework for Alberta by Makovichuk,L., Hewes, J., Lirette, P., & Thomas, N.